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Great minds sync alike

Today’s employees view collaboration as a fundamental behaviour expected of the modern business world. With legions of people in an organisation coming up with great thoughts, wouldn’t it make sense to get them all in sync? This is the world of the ‘virtual bounce’ where teams bounce ideas off each other across cities, countries, and continents.

A productive meeting can’t exist in a vacuum. ‘Invitation only’ might have an enticing ring to it, but it’s an exclusive way of thinking. Collaboration is inclusive. It expands collective thinking power, and puts a prod into productivity. Organisations can now measure their effectiveness far more meaningfully than by ROI. The essential arbiter of informed and dynamic meeting outcomes is your ROE – Return On Engagement.

“Collaboration is inclusive. It expands collective thinking power, and puts a prod into productivity.”

ROE cuts costs, saves money and leverages time. People being together virtually, instead of literally means they get to higher levels of teamwork by communicating, not by travelling. They reach higher plains of achievement, faster.

Simon Murphy MD EMEA Yorktel

Simon is a Yorktel veteran with heaps of experience around helping companies to create productive and enjoyable working environments. He’s dedicated to business change and the role that effective communications fulfils in getting people and ideas together for winning outcomes.

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Featured Whitepaper: Save Money, Leverage Time The benefits of collaboration extend far beyond the bottom line, contributing to improved productivity and efficiency, increased morale and work life, and greater business opportunities. Read whitepaper Right arrow